Let’s Get Acquainted Linky Party

Did you ever have one of those Mondays where every second actually feels like a Monday?  I’m not kidding…today was that sort of Monday.  I need to work my way out of funk that can be brought on only by extremely wet rainy weather and a “Monday that feels like a Monday.”  YUCK!

I’m not usually into Linky Parties, but every once in a while something catches my eye, so I jump in and link up.  Today I’m joining Latoya over at Flying into First Grade for a fun Linky Party “Gettin’ to Know Ya” sort of party.

She has a fun topic this week:  The Skittles Game!  (Added plus here:  It’s colorful and bright…exactly the opposite of a dull, rainy, dreary Monday that feels like a Monday!)  Here’s how you play…

TOPIC – Skittles Game
Here is the code:
Red– Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Orange– Favorite Memory from College
Yellow– Favorite Sports Team
Green– Favorite Fast Food Place
Purple– Wild Card(Tell anything about yourself)
So here goes…let the party begin:
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, of course!  Who can resist the combination of peanut butter, chocolate AND pretzels?

Favorite College Memory:  Going on “flamingo hunts” with my college roomie and a carload of crazies.  We’d drive around Oshkosh, Wisconsin just looking for plastic lawn flamingos.  On a good night, we could “bag” about 8!  Our dorm room always looked so festive and tropical with the birds sticking out of every possible nook and cranny!  (Note:  This was a college memory I felt I could share.  Some of my best memories were with my boyfriend…now my husband!  Those are ours and I’m a hoarder.)

Favorite Sports Team:  Green Bay Packers!  I’m a Cheesehead living in Wisconsin!

Favorite Fast Food Place: Rocky Rococo’s Pizza!  Best square slice ever!

Wild Card:  My hubby just finished his doctoral program and he defended his dissertation beautifully!  I’m so proud of him!

So, what are you waiting for?  Jump in and link up!



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