Math Mentor Text…Linking Up With the Collaboration Cuties

Howdy!  Today I’m linking up with Amanda and Stacia over at Collaboration Cuties as they focus on math mentor texts.  How fun is that?

If you have a favorite book that you love sharing with your students, why not head on over and link up?

One of my personal faves is Rod Clement’s Counting on Frank.

I absolutely adore EVERYTHING about this book!  Frank, the slobbery and wonderful dog in the story is just fun…as is every illustration…FUN!

It’s the content that is so amusing.  “My dad says if you’ve got a brain, then use it!”

Counting on Frank is full of great thought-provoking ponderings about a vast array of subject matter:  jelly beans, ball point pens, and dinnertime woes.  Kids will love the endless problem solving possibilities!

I enjoy dinner, not because of the delicious chops Mom cooks EVERY night or the thrilling conversation.

It’s the peas.

If I had accidentally knocked fifteen peas off my plate every night for the last eight years, they would now be level with the table top.  

Maybe then Mom would understand that her son does not like peas.

I use Counting on Frank with my students to introduce daily problem solving activities.

If you’ve never checked out Counting on Frank…you’ve got to today!  Every minute that you spend away from this book equals lost time in mesmerizing your students!

Have fun and read on!



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