Flash To Pass

I’m always looking for ways to shake things up a bit when I have students complete an “exit slip” for math.
My fourth graders are still working at “shoring up” their basic math facts, especially multiplication and division, so I like to find ways for students to showcase these skills quickly and collaboratively.
Enter the Flash To Pass App.  It’s FREE at the App Store and is highly engaging for those intermediate-level students (Grades 3-6).
I can stand at the door while my students “exit” by entering the correct answer on my iPad.  There are quite a few settings on this app that allow the user to increase or decrease the level of difficulty or change the operation.  Flash To Pass is also a terrific option for a stand-alone math station.
Flash to Pass allows the user to go beyond the allotted time and gives great feedback.
Who can say no to FREE and GREAT APP?  It’s the deal of the day!  

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