Awesome Giveaway at Technology Tailgate

Tomorrow it’s “back to reality” and my first Monday with students!  We teachers have all worked hard over the last month to prepare our classrooms for our cherubs, plan with our friendly colleagues and establish those early foundational pieces to building our classroom communities.

Karla and the generous coaches (including me!) at Technology Tailgate have a really terrific “techie giveaway” going on now to recognize the hard work that all teachers do to prepare themselves and their students for a really great school year.

We’d love to have you join us for a little fun, some great technology ideas, and the opportunity to win some really great prizes!  Maybe…just maybe…it might be YOU!

Believe me…you’ve got to have better luck than I have in winning prizes.  The last time I won a big prize it was a crock pot…and I was six-years-old!  That means I have had 38 years of not-so-great luck when it comes to winning.  But I can feel it…I just know one of you has the good prize-winning mojo!

Good luck all!



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