First Day Jitters

I love love love the book First Day Jitters!  I am definitely planning on using it to start my school year.
I found Ashley Nicole’s blog hop and I felt like this was one to climb on board!  Click on the cute graphic above to check out her cutie patootie blog!
It’s hard to believe, but I’ll be starting my 21st year of teaching and I hope that I never lose those butterflies that still fill my tummy after all of these years!  I think I’m really worse than the kids.  
I guess you could say I’m hopeless!
Here are my three jitters, in no particular order:
1.  We welcome a new principal to my school this year.  Five years ago, my wonderful principal and friend, Tina, brought me on board and gave me a chance to teach “my dream job.”  After 15 years of teaching, I had never taught 4th grade and was really excited to finally be able to teach at that level!  It seems like I had taught everything but 4th.  Anywho, I know my new principal will be terrific, but Tina really understood my strengths and weaknesses, so it is scary to feel like “the new kid” all over again.  Because really, when new leadership arrives, we are the new kids all over again.  We have to prove ourselves to someone new.  I welcome the changes my new principal will bring, but there’s an element of anxiety added to the mix.   That part’s scary…
2.  I’m having surgery done next week, and I may not be able to start the school year with my kids.  I’m nervous and frightened…but I know that this is something that needs to happen and, in the end, everything should be for the best.  That doesn’t take away the scary…
3.  I am the mom of an eleven-year-old son who is the light of my life.  I am married to my very best friend.  I am always a little nervous at the start of each year as to what sorts of obstacles will stand in our way, how we will learn from them, and what part of each experience will make us stronger and better people.  May we always rise to the occasion!


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