Fabulous Find Friday Linky

I’m linking up with Elizabeth over at Fun in 4B and her Fabulous Find Friday.  I’m with so many of you…finding that “special” pencil sharpener is a really big deal and Elizabeth’s looks AMAZING!  (Subliminally that means…please, please, please let me win!)

There are so many things that I have found along the way that make my little ol’ teacher heart go pitter pat…but the one item that I just can’t live without is…my iPad!  Unoriginal as this may be, it is this little piece of technology that I take everywhere with me.

So…I’m going to take this down a little farther to a particular app that I have loved using…my students have thought it rocked…and, at a recent conference, even the keynote speaker sang the praises of this FREE app.

Sushi Monster is just such a find and is so much fun to play, it even has me hooked!  Being that my students struggle mightily with basic math facts, Sushi Monster is the app that helps reinforce those facts…and, did I say, it is so much fun!

Click here to find out more about this app!


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