Technology Tuesday

It’s Technology Tuesday!  I’m a closet tech geek with an Instructional Technology background.  This makes me the “cool teacher” who knows what to do with technology.  It also makes me the person that people come running to when something isn’t working correctly (i.e. cell phones, SmartBoards, digital cameras, printers, etc.)…

I’ve decided to devote my Tuesday posts to great technology ideas, sites, or apps. 

Today, I used with my Geek Squad students in our summer school class.  They loved it!  This site is a generator that allows the user to create newspaper clippings (see my sample), movie clapboards, talking tomatoes, and lots of other small products.  I can see a kabillion uses for these products…great ways to share smallish research projects and short bursts of student learning. 

An interesting feature is the “cigarette packet.”  After asking my first Geek Squad group, they said that this would be a great final product after their unit on drugs/alcohol…the package could reflect all the bad stuff about cigarettes.

I’m using this as a way to apologize to my lovely mother-in-law…I really did forget her birthday!  So sorry Mary!


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