Monday Made It #1

I just love digging around at my favorite store, The Dollar Tree.  Saw these cutie patootie Coconut Drink Cups (SKU 39277 77901) and knew that they would make an intriguing learning center…but I just wasn’t sure how to use them.

My kiddos seem to struggle with the concept of FACTORS in multiplication, so I am always looking for a fun way to reinforce this concept.  After a lot of thinking, I pulled together a game that has shades of “Memory” plus a little of the Ravensberger game “Buggo” from my son’s younger years.  Mix those two together with some multiplication, and you have “Pucker Up!”

I created 40 “lime wedge” shaped cards with factors 1-9 on the back.  There are four of each number plus an additional set of four with the words “Pucker Up” on them!  You could create any kind of card you’d like, but I thought that I’d follow Harry Nilsson’s advice and “put the lime in the coconut.”  Using nesting circle punches made putting these little cards together a breeze!

The instructions can be run off and put on cardstock to be laminated at your leisure…perhaps after “drinking them both up?”

Pucker Up Directions Here

I tried this game out on my 11-year-old and he really liked it.  In fact, he was a little surprised that his mom was capable of making something that was really, really fun.  He’s asking when the online version will be made available to the public!

For my next Monday Made It, I’d like to try out these great tongue depressors that I picked up at Michael’s over the weekend.  I’m hoping that something will inspire me…quickly!


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