Reading Rockstars

A good teacher is a great thief, I always say.  I’m a novice blogger and a bit of a stalker…and I’m not afraid to “snag” a great idea.  Tara Eiken from 4th Grade Frolics shared this fun quilt made out of gallon-sized baggies and patterned duct tape.  

I had my own readers create a “square” about what reading helps them to accomplish and put together a quilt that will hang in my classroom to inspire my next class of super-readers.  

Since our school is starting the 2012-2013 year with a “Rockstar” theme, I used fluorescents and zebra patterns to bind the quilt (this kind of reminds me of the 80s musicians of my youth!)

Here’s my classroom “cover” of Tara’s project:

 Love that Sadie and Hailey really “get” why they read!

 Vocabulary building…good stuff!

I absolutely LOVE Jessica’s square!  You can tell what a great reader she is just by her responses to this project!

Oh…if they could all just get into the “character’s world!”

I can’t wait to put this up for my new crew! It will be going up on the wall in my classroom library, sending a clear message to my kiddos that “We are readers!”


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